Which AI tool to choose?

The AI and Large Language Model (LLM) competitive landscape is heating up fast.

OpenAI's GPT has been around for several years, with ChatGPT - their most disruptive technology to date - only becoming publicly available in November 2022.

So as of Feb 2023, ChatGPT has "been around the longest," but that's relative. That said, it's the only tool anyone really has any experience with at this point.

Microsoft has incorporated ChatGPT into Bing and it's Edge browser and is rolling out access to users slowly. This is very exciting as it is ChatGPT + live web results. Get on the waiting list ASAP so you can make sure to have access to this powerful combination as quickly as possible.

Update: We got access to Bing Chat. Read about that here.

And when Google releases Bard - or whatever it ends-up being called at public release -we assume these same Prompt Engineering ideas will apply there, too. But we don't know.

As other AI tools become available, we'll test these Prompt Engineering ideas there and update the course to reflect that.

But the whole idea behind these - chat-UI or otherwise - is to take in a detailed prompt in human language and generate output the same way.