Course FAQS

A lot of questions have come in about this course, so we put them here to make it easier for everyone.

Give me the TL;DR on this whole ChatGPT thing re: Customer Success

It's the greatest assistant your CSMs and Enablement people could have, and Ops can pull together some truly time-saving processes that were simply not possible months ago.

Why is this course worth $150?

Time Savings. Access to our Experience. Learning how Prompt Engineering works. A growing library of prompts to start using immediately. It's worth a LOT more than $150.

What's the real value of this course?

As a CSM, ChatGPT will make your job easier. You'll be able to do more, faster. You'll be able to actually spend time preparing and brainstorming ahead of calls. In our Impact Academy CSM training we advocate for doing that, but we know that the bandwidth isn't always there. And even if you do have time, it's sometimes hard to be creative in the way effective brainstorming takes. ChatGPT helps there.

And overcoming blank-screen syndrome - for CSMs and Enablement - where you need to write an email or come up with great subject lines and because of bandwidth and distraction issues you just can't get started. ChatGPT - used correctly - really shines here.

For Enablement, creating content that scales is challenging, and the ChatGPT helps in multiple ways; eliminating blank-screen syndrome, understanding a customer segment better, knowing their potential objections, and so much more.

And for Ops, using the prompts we present here - or new ones created from the learnings we provide - with built-in variables that can be replaced by information from the customer record that are then passed to OpenAI via API can automate all of this. From Zapier to custom programming, the possibilities are endless. But it all starts with Prompt Engineering.

What's in the course?

You can see exactly what's included here (scroll down) and even watch Hannah's Welcome and Introduction video before you purchase by tapping your finger here.

How often is the Course Updated?

So far, daily, if not multiple times per day.

Is there a Quiz?

No. It's only a "course" format since that was the best model to use in this content platform.

Why should I buy this when there's so much free information?

There's a ton out there on using ChatGPT, and more being added every day. Most of it is generic content marketing stuff, but you occasionally find niche things that are interesting.

But there is very little - if any, though that will change - that covers how to do Prompt Engineering - or use ChatGPT specifically - for Customer Success.  And even if there was, there are certainly none that approach it like this course does. 

Generally free information is used to generate leads to eventually sell you something. We're just selling you the good stuff. Easy.

Oh, so now you're a ChatGPT expert, Lincoln?

Taking that question at face value, no. Lincoln can't imagine anyone is legitimately an expert at ChatGPT yet. But he's probably done more with it than most people in CS across more companies, so the experience he has is incredibly valuable.

In general, the rapid influx of so-called "ChatGPT" experts out there speaks less about the expertise of the "experts" and more about how easy it is to get ChatGPT to do amazing things.

I don't use ChatGPT, is this course useful?

You should use it and we show you how to get an account in the course. And in the welcome video, Hannah goes over the prerequisites (which are basically none).

ChatGPT isn't' always available for me

That's not a question, but it's a legit statement. OpenAI is rolling-out ChatGPT Plus subscriptions for $20/mo, and we're seeing it available in different parts of the world. If you get the offer to upgrade, you should definitely take it.

If you decide not to upgrade or it's not an option for you, we suggest using at off-peak hours in United States time for consistent availability, but try all the time because it's getting better.

Isn't OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT evil?

Probably. Good luck if you're trying to avoid evil companies.

Will AI take over?

Probably. So be nice when you ask it to generate output for you. Use "Please," and say, "Thank you." It will remember who was nice to it.