ChatGPT vs. AI Writers & Email Assistants


If you use an AI Writer like Jasper, Copy, INK, or Writer.

Or you use an email AI product like Lavender, Regie, or Writi.

Or you use CRM, Marketing, Support, or CS tools with "AI writing assistants" in them...

You're using GPT.

Almost all software that has "AI inside" ... doesn't.

Outsourcing Generative AI

Instead, they're connecting to a Large Language Model behind the scenes, and it's almost guaranteed at this point to be OpenAI's GPT.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, you just need to know this.

That software is literally just sending prompts to OpenAI and getting results back.

AI "Software" is really just Prompts

Sure, those software are also doing lots of non-AI stuff - looking at message structure, providing insight on your audience, pulling in SEO recommendations, etc.

But when it's time to take your input and generate content - which in most cases is the primary value proposition of the product - that's handed-off to GPT in the form of a prompt.

So the results you get from those software are only as good as the prompts they use.

Opaque Prompts and Intellectual Property

And you won't ever see the prompts because that's their "secret sauce."

But, once ChatGPT was released and GPT was now available to anyone directly (you didn't have to be a programmer to use it anymore), we saw first-hand how BAD the prompts were in those software.

Or, rather, we saw just how POWERFUL the GPT model is if you can go directly to it with highly-specific prompts and as a result now understood the limitations of those "AI" software products.

ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering gives you Control

The output you get with properly engineered prompts vs. those generic, simplistic prompts in those existing systems are night and day.

Which is why we created this Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course, so you can take full control of your use of AI output.

If you've ever said you don't need ChatGPT because you already use an "AI product" ... just  know you're using the same underlying model, but in a very, very limited way.

ChatGPT is Useful For Much More than Content Creation

Currently, none of these "AI assistants" or the like that go beyond content creation. But remember, in Customer Success, that's just one use case.

While this Prompt Engineering for Customer Success course covers standard generative AI use cases like email writing and content creation, it's the stuff like preparing for meetings, brainstorming, doing analysis, performing one-off tasks like data transformation and the like, that I'm most excited about.

ChatGPT API is Not Currently Widely Available

One more thing. At this point only Bing has access to ChatGPT. Everything else is GPT via API. Some companies have attempted to build their own "chatstream" around GPT to ride the chatbot wave, but it's not real.

There are software products that access ChatGPT via a web scraper... but that's not likely something you'll run into unless you're digging around in the weird parts of the SEO world.

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