10,001+ Free ChatGPT Prompts

If all you want are generic ChatGPT prompts that aren't tailored to Customer Success, we've put together a list of resources with thousands for you to sift through.

But first, let's talk about a few things.

GPT: Grifters Promoting Trash?

There seems to be a Quantity > Quality situation going on with people creating prompt lists for lead generation or even to sell. 

Guides of 1,000+ ChatGPT prompts can be had for as little as $27, according to the ads I see on Instagram. 

I suspect they're simply selling what you can access for free (below), which is not cool.

How this Course is Different

The value prop for this course is NOT a super-huge list of prompts. This course is all about Quality, not Quantity, and you should buy it.

The prompts in this course work well for the unique needs of Customer Success, are based on actual use, and are crafted from our unique expertise and experience in Customer Success Management. 

Plus we show you how to create prompts that work for you, not just give you a list to copy and paste from.

All the Free Prompts You'll Ever Need

But if you just want a bunch of prompts for free, here you go: